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The BlueWave Difference

With years of experience as a leading solar developer, BlueWave is uniquely positioned to provide community solar savings. We've learned from our history pioneering community solar in Massachusetts how to bring simple savings to your bill - whether you run a household, a business, or a town, we've worked with customers like you and want to help you save!

Who It's For

Community Solar can help households save, but it can do so much more!

Community Solar lets you benefit from solar savings without needing to install a rooftop system. Each month you receive credits reducing your utility bill, representing energy produced by a solar farm.

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    Renting? No problem, you don't need to own your rooftop to join.

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    Small Businesses

    Run a business? Awesome, even more energy savings with community solar.

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    Improve your bottom line with community solar savings.

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    Managing a town budget? Save money with community solar!

How It Works

  1. 1
    A solar farm is developed

    BlueWave, or one of our partners, develops a community solar farm in your area.

  2. 2
    You sign up for community solar savings

    Tell us you're interested - we handle the rest. All eligible customers join with no up-front cost.

  3. 3
    You receive bill credits

    Your subscription generates credits which show up as reductions on your utility bill.

  4. 4
    You receive a discounted BlueWave bill

    We bill you for the credits your subscription generated at a 10% discount. You save on your electric bill, and support solar energy!

What You Get
  • Enjoy simple electric bill savings

  • Avoid installation & system maintenance

  • Show your customers & community you care about the planet

  • Add more shares as your business, school, or home energy use grows

  • Create jobs for your friends & neighbors in solar

  • Support solar energy development even if your roof doesn't

After our condo association decided against installing solar, we turned to BlueWave for another option. Their application was painless, and now we support clean energy and save money at the same time! We have already recommended BlueWave to family and friends.

Richard N. - community solar customer
Development History

We've been developing solar since before it was cool. Learn how we began.

Our vision for a cleaner planet began with developing solar farms, where we grew our expertise in solar finance, policy, and design.

Get Started

Add Community Solar to Rooftop Solar

Only BlueWave offers AllBlue: the combination of rooftop and community solar. Now, in some states, if you have energy use that your rooftop system can't cover, BlueWave has you covered with community solar.


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