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Why Partner?

Maximize the potential value of your property.

Add a community solar farm to your property and create a cash flow for you and affordable solar access for your neighbors.

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    Simple, Transparent Terms

    Leave the development to BlueWave and start earning a sunny source of income with our clear terms.

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    Stable, Long-Term Revenue

    Revenue visibility for the full lease term of 20 years or more giving you peace of mind.

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    Sustainable Development

    Feel good about giving back to future generations by turning your property into a hub for emissions-free energy.

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    Community Solar Savings

    You and your neighbors can sign up to receive solar credits generated on your property to save on annual electric bills.

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Dual Use

Reap the benefits
of dual use

Yes, you can have both agriculture and solar on your land! Here are a few of the benefits below:

Dual Use
Dual Use

Dual-Use Solar Farms allow for animal grazing, crop growth, and use of farming equipment.

  • Maintain existing agricultural activities

  • Introduce new pollinators to your land

  • Increase the potential profitability of your land

  • Join the cutting edge of solar development

Farming is personal for me and my family. Using our land to farm both crops and sunlight will allow us to produce locally grown food crops for generations to come.

Paul K. - Landowner

How your farm creates community savings

  • 1

    Assess your solar earnings potential

    BlueWave performs a no-cost, no-commitment assessment of your property to calculate your total solar earnings potential.

  • 2

    Earn income by hosting a solar farm

    You earn income by leasing or selling your land to BlueWave to serve as the host for the life of the solar farm.

  • 3

    BlueWave develops a solar farm

    BlueWave and our partners design, permit, and build a solar farm that meets the needs of your property.

  • 4

    Your community saves thanks to your farm

    Your friends and neighbors save money by subscribing to your farm as community solar members.

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Working With Us

We've been down this road before. Join us for a smooth development process.

We're always looking for partners who share our standards of excellence in solar access.

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    Get more from your property

    We have worked hand in hand with over 100 property owners & municipalities to develop sites for mutual benefits.

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    Protect our planet's future

    Whether you own farmland, a warehouse, or a parking lot, contact BlueWave and we'll get in touch to see if your property could be earning you income as a community solar farm.

Ameresco is once again proud to have partnered with BlueWave Solar to deliver these solar farms, which are an environmental and economic win-win for our local public housing authorities, their residents, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Michael T. Bakas - Executive Vice President, Ameresco

Ready to get more from your property? Reach out.

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